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Palhaço serpentinas!!!

Clown Crafts A white sheet of paper drew the face of a clown then painted with felt pens and crayons. On paper of various colors we cut out strips. We put together the strips in pairs and doubled one over the other, as shown in the picture, forming small “accordions”. At the end we glue these Little

Easy DIY tutorial of spinning top with paper cup- Good gift and fun piece for kids at home.

Kindergarten Herbst

Imi da Omidă Omida

Caballos con corchos

akvaryum nasil evde oyuncak odev GERİ DÖNÜŞÜM KAĞIT TABAKLARLA AKVARYUM PANO

Rainbow Popsicle Stick Craft

atividades com caixa de areia montessori 13

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